The Change

I was lying on the pier and reading a book when it happened. I felt a tingling, tickling, or however it is supposed to be described, in one of my arms. I thought that it probably had fallen asleep and didn't think more about it, just moved it a little.
A little while later we were going home again. We had just had a picnic by the lake a nice summerday - when mom suddenly remarked that we should stop by the doctor on our way home. Everybody wondered why, and when she said that I had had my first sign, they looked at me, and I got a little confused. Mom told me to look at my hand, and when I did, it had turned into a paw.
"Oh... So that's what the tickling was", I exlaimed.
"I thought it just had fallen asleep..." Everyone laughed a little of that remark.
We stopped by the doctor, and he took some samples and confirmed what we thought, I was going to become a cat. He would know what type of cat when he got the results of the tests.
We went home and continued our usual summer doings. As the days went by I changed more and more. I got to know that I was turning into a common housecat.
I shrank a little, but not that much. Not in morph-shape anyway. I, as most everyone else, could change to norm-shape. In other words so that I looked just like a housecat. Other powers I didn't notice, not yet anyway. But being a cat is pretty cool. I can slink around just about everything.
The summer ended, and school started up again. I got some new subjects - since I had turned into a predator.
Several of my friends has gone through changes too. The rest will probably join us soon.
In other words - life goes on, just as usual...

"This was a strange story. You tell well, ..."
-- the Norwegian teacher

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