uploaded: 17. Jan 2001

Screenshot Modemish is a modem control program. It lets you set the parameters of the COM port, and send whatever commands you like to the modem. A few commands from the HAYES command set have been included as command buttons, click one and the input field will be filled with the command. Press Enter in the input field to send the text to the modem(it will automatically be followed with a CRLF (Carriage Return-Line Feed) sequence). This program is directed at those people that have some knowledge about their modem, and wants to test that it really can do what it says, or for those that wants to simply try things with the modem. It also has a keep off-hook setting, when it is on, the off-hook HAYES command will be sent to the modem once every 30 seconds, effectively keeping the modem off hook at all times. Useful if you want to i.e. talk through it with a mic and speaker but it keeps hanging up. I made this quite a while ago, and has updated it since(i.e. added the keep off-hook).
file sizes: .exe 30kb, source 4kb, both 13kb, setup 1450kb(includes VB-files).

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