Visual Basic programs

Last update: 7. Oct 2001

These are the programs I've made in Visual Basic, that I found fit to be uploaded. Note that not all of these are executables, some are controls, but those are clearly marked. Source code files are packed with WinZip, download and unpack them to see the source code. Files under Both are also packed, and contains source code and executables. The Setup files are also packed and contains the installation files for that program. Click on the name to get a more filling explanation.

NameVersionSourceCompiled BothSetupBrief explanation
Modemish 1.01 .zip .exe .zip .zip Easy-to-use-yet-powerful modem control program(for techies)
Quarterly Alarms 2.1.0 N/A .exe N/A N/A Daily alarm program, you want to have this wav file in the same dir

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