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Last update: 13. Jan 2001

Who I am? Well, that's not really an easy question, now is it? Do YOU know who you are? I suppose what you really want to know is some of the personal data about me.. So, well, here they are. Let's start with some hard facts.

 Full name  Frode Austvik
 Born  19. Feb 1983
 Current age, in years  17, soon 18
 Species  Homo Sapiens
 Home country  Norway
 Primary language,
 and mother's tongue
 Preferred language
 (at least on the PC)

Primary ways of contacting me:

e-mail: webmaster@edorfaus.freehosting.net    
 IRC:     (whenever I'm online)
    NetworkStarLink Org
    Nickname  EdorFaus
    Channels#ScriptTester #Anime #Stars!

My main interests are computers, programming (I do VB, Pascal, assembler, BASIC, HTML, mIRC scripts...), reading (I prefer fantasy, sci-fi, furry, TFs, ... but read just about anything), electronics and stuff that has to do with electricity(and static electricity too), music (primarily trance/dance/techno, but anything goes, I've even tried making some... results weren't any good tho). Often I mix these interests, and sometimes add in other aspects too. As an example of this, I have made a 7-armed light(the kind you put in windows at christmas) out of some LEDs(light emitting diodes, small electronic parts that give off light when they get power) and some LEGO, connected the whole thing to a PC, and made a program that makes the lights blink in a random pattern. I put some paper around the LEGO to make it look more like the ones you buy, and to hide the wires. Put the whole thing in the window, and at one time someone I had over visiting told me they had seen it through the window and thought I had made it out of one of those you buy... Obviously the paper disguise worked.

As for my background, I'm currently in what we call "videregående" (directly translated that is "ongoing"), in my second year. I think the equivalent is high school - or the level that comes after that. I'm not sure. My first year here was for mechanics. The kind where you do milling and boring and stuff in metal. That gave me enough basis to get in on the path I'm in now - called IKT, which (translated) stands for Information- and Communications Technology. Sortof a long name for working with computers. This course is actually brand new, this is the second year it exists. The first year with any books. Here we learn how to install and use various OSes, like Windows 98, Windows NT (ver 4) and Windows 2000. We've also learned some DOS commands. Most of the time in those classes we set up servers, right now we're done with ADUC(Active Directory Users and Computers) and are setting up MS IIS(Internet Information Services), FTP and HTTP servers. This we do in Windows 2000 Server. We have Professional installed too, to test what we do in Server. We worked with Windows NT earlier in the year. They say we might look at Linux too, later. In other classes we learn how to use common programs, so far we've done MS Word, Excel, and Frontpage, and are now doing Access. We have also done VBA(macros) in those programs. For me this is the last year before I go on to the next school, where I start engineer studies after a pre-year. I have heard that is the route to take to get the profession I want. I want to be a programmer. A professional one, not just on a hobby basis.
During my time at "ungdomsskolen" ("the youth school", second level of obligatory school) I and some of my friends got the teachers to give us resposibility over the school's computer room. In exchange for keeping the PCs up and running, and helping others when needed, we got a few perks like free internet access in the afternoon(until the teachers left), and access to them during the longer between-classes times(most were only 5 mins though, so no time). In addition we got proofs of having had the responsibility, which will be useful when we apply for work later in life. Personally, I did it mostly because I though it was fun. I like working with computers, not only the software side but setting them up too.

If you've got any comments, or for another reason need to contact me, send me an email. That is more certain that going on IRC, but you could try that too. Then we could talk realtime.

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