Hi and welcome!

This is my old home on the web. I've gotten myself a new address, which I like more.

I only keep this page because I sortof like the address, and because it's nice to have a place for my old page in case my new one somehow vanishes for whatever reason... :)
I would have set this place up as a mirror of my main page, but this place doesn't support PHP, which I make use of there. It's not much use as a file storage place either, as there is little room available and a requirement to only use files through links from "local" HTML pages, which is enforced through referrer checking. So if you don't see images and can't DL files, check that you haven't got some kind of referrer removal(e.g. for privacy reasons) active. If you do, either disable that part of it while browsing here, or go somewhere else. My main page, for instance. No such requirement there.

My main page is at http://edorfaus.xepher.net/ while you can find the old page here.

Please note that I think this page has way too much banners and pop-ups. My main page does not have any banners at all, and I intend to keep it that way. They're here because of the host.

Enjoy your stay!